1. Song of Spring

  2. Morning Light

  3. Thorns and Roses

  4. Dance of Life

  5. Paen of a Dreg-drinker

  6. Boat People

  7. Leave the Rest Behind

  8. Rendevous

  9. Love's See

  10. The Veil

  11. Back to the Heart

  12. From Behind the Caravan

Very little factual biographical information exists on the life of Hafez. He was born in Shiraz around 1320, died around 1390 and is one of Iran's great poets.

Hafez: Dance of Life contains 12 Hafez poems with multiple perspectives. The translations are by the poet and philosopher Michael Boylan, who also reads them in the audio; the illuminations are by Hossein Zenderoudi (select any of the smaller images on the poem page for a larger version); the Persian calligraphy is by Amir Hossein Tabnak; the Persian reading is by the late, poet Nader Naderpour (d. 2000).

This bilingual audio visual web rendering also includes transliterations of the Persian using a phonetic English script.